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Casa Leonardo’s origins can be directly traced back to the upsurge in the construction of hydroelectric stations at the source of the Flamisell River in the early 20th century.
This burgeoning growth in employment opportunities drew people from lands near and far in search of work. Some worked in construction, while others supplied food and materials to the communities that settled next to Capdella power plant or commenced their own hostelries.
This is the case of my grandfather, Leonardo Vidal, who together with his brother-in-law, Josep Gallart, came from the village of Gerri de la Sal to build a hostelry and a grocery store. While one of them took care of supplying food to the communities, the other got the inn under way.
Various circumstances led to my grandfather taking on the business and it was he who managed the country house alongside my grandmother, Maria Rollan.
Upon my grandfather’s death, my grandmother continued the family business until 1977, at which time she retired and closed the doors of the grocery store and hostelry.
The doors remained closed until 2001 when I decided to return to the village that had seen me grow up and reopen the doors of the house, first with the café-bar (on 14 July 2001) and later with the country house (on 1 November 2001).

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